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Translate evidence into access. Develop a value communication platform. Shape the context in which your product is assessed. At Dolon we work closely with our clients to devise, test and implement smart value access strategies — securing funding for the specialist medicines you develop.

Treatments for rare and severe diseases face unique funding challenges. Dolon specialises in helping clients overcome these barriers. We understand that success in this area requires convincing value messaging to all stakeholders: prescribers, payers, policy makers and the public. We combine analytical expertise and a powerful delivery, so we can generate the evidence as well as telling the story.

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An informed approach

When it comes to treatments for rare and serious diseases, payer systems are complex, multi-layered, and different to those for common disorders. With our specialist knowledge, we at Dolon understand who makes the decisions, how value is determined, and what drives successful results.

We establish a solid foundation of knowledge, and from there we work with you to plot a credible route into the market. Drawing on our understanding of international value assessment systems, we create a detailed picture of the environment you’re looking to enter. We anticipate the data and evidence you’re likely to need, and then develop sophisticated strategies, smart analyses, and evidence-based messages to communicate the value of your product.

Each market access journey is unique, but always begins with insight. Let us share our knowledge with you.




Analytical thinking

At Dolon we’re more than just a pretty face. Yes, we can help you communicate your value messages smartly and succinctly, but we can also generate the evidence that underpin them.

Whether your customer is a physician, payer or a policymaker, we can strengthen your value proposition through systematic, scientific and evidence based analysis. Our team of analysts can interrogate data, structure concepts and generate new insight.

Using a variety of methods we can gather, generate and publish data, helping shift market perceptions and shaping policy. By fully exploring and harnessing data, we’ll provide your stakeholders with the reason to believe.




Your strategic partner

In rare and severe diseases every product is different and each market access scenario unique. So at Dolon we offer no off-the-shelf solutions or re-heated ideas. We start from first principles, assess the disease, learn the product, and then meld our knowledge and experience with those of our client. Through close collaboration, trial and iteration, we forge robust value strategies that are aligned with commercial, clinical and regulatory priorities. We pride ourselves on ensuring internal alignment between functions and across geographies.

By leveraging our analytical and communication strengths, we can help our clients substantiate value messages, derive new argumentation, and package propositions for internal and external dissemination.

Please contact us to learn more about how we take highly technical information and structure it, frame it, supplement it and share it.




Communicating effectively

Communicating value is about message, medium and moment. Manufacturers of treatments for rare and serious diseases need to talk to their stakeholders through multiple channels in different settings. At Dolon we create opportunities to engage: a speech to give at a conference, a publication to present to a minister, an app to structure a discussion with a budget holder.

We know materials are only as good as the capability of individuals to deliver them, so our service doesn’t stop when the deliverable lands in your inbox. Training and upskilling are integral to our offerings, not optional extras.

And because we are recognised as value experts in rare and severe diseases, we are part of the conversation, not just providers of content. By building long-term relationships with our clients, our voice is added to your voice.


Working with us

We see every client as a partner. So our approach will always flex for your individual needs, but three core standards form the pillars of our business:


We know that success stems from collaboration. We’re proud to forge long-term partnerships with our clients — at the franchise, portfolio and business level. Our relationships are built upon trust, flexibility and understanding.


We never present ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. We get to know your business and your products, your goals and challenges — then we offer advice and build strategies that meet your needs.


We understand the complexities of market access and how it is applied for treatments for rare and severe diseases. And we know the key stakeholders and decision makers. So we’re always able to offer fresh and relevant insights, wherever you need to get to.



Market Access Policy Associate Director

Dolon is looking to appoint an Associate Director in the Market Access Policy business unit. This role is an exciting opportunity for an individual to contribute to the growth potential of this service offering in response to increasing demand from both existing and new clients.

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